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     INTEGRAL Partners,  Cross-Project Meeting in Dublin 2014  INTEGRAL Consortium   The INTEGRAL consortium consists of 21 partners from 13 countries. Due to the inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary nature of the project, the team involves experts with different disciplinary backgrounds and research interests inter alia...

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A blog entry on the challenges and findings of the INTEGRAL project has been submitted by A. Giurca (University of Freiburg, Germany) on the World Forestry Congress #Forests2015 Blog Competition page.  





The main findings of INTEGRAL have been presented to the broad international audience in the latest issue of EFI News (newsletter of the European Forest Institute). The particular focus of the article was laid on the French case study region Pontenx and the new landscape tool for assessing the evolution of ecosystem goods and services according to various policy scenarios developed within INTEGRAL:


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Research Opportunities


MEDfOR is a two-year world-class Erasmus Mundus Master Course Programme focuses on the integrating theme of sustainability in Mediterranean forests and woodlands, which cover over 9 % of the Mediterranean region’s land area, to address topics that are specific to the Mediterranean forestry and that require special attention such as: forest as a unique world heritage, forest management and conservation and forestry role in the welfare of the Mediterranean communities.



For the 2015/2016 Edition

a) Self-funded EU student - 31 August - January 2015


For the 2016/2017 Edition

b) Erasmus Mundus Scholarship - 15 January 2016
c) Self-funded non- EU student - 15 January 2016


More informaton on the programme website: