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     INTEGRAL Partners,  Cross-Project Meeting in Dublin 2014  INTEGRAL Consortium   The INTEGRAL consortium consists of 21 partners from 13 countries. Due to the inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary nature of the project, the team involves experts with different disciplinary backgrounds and research interests inter alia...

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Scientific publications




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Oral presentations

Wallin, I. & Carlsson, J. (2015): Local visioning of future forested landscapes – an action research approach to strengthen participatory forest governance in Sweden.

Defining Landscape Democracy International Conference. Oslo, Norway. 2015-06-05.


Guillén, L.A., Wallin, I. & Brukas, V. (2015): Social capital in small-scale forestry: a local case study in Southern Sweden.

Development Day 2015 – RETHINKING RESPONSIBILITY IN DEVELOPMENT: Contested Relations between Citizens, States and Corporations. Helsinki, Finland. 2015-02-12.


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International conference: Mountain Forest Management in a Changing World, High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia, 7-9 July 2015


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IUFRO World Congress - Session F02 181. Salt Lake City, USA. 2014-10-11.


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2nd Nordic Conference on Forest Policy Science. Ängavallen, Sweden. 2014-11-12.


Navrátil R., Sedmák R., Brodrechtová Y., Smreček R., Tuček J. (2014): The tool Parmenides EIDOS helps to see into the future.

Presented at: Enviro-I-Forum - the 10th Conference on Environmental Informatics, Zvolen, Slovakia, 24-25 June 2014.


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Prague, 17.5, 2013 (with P.Gatto and L.Secco).


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15thsymposium for System Analysis in Forest Resources (SSAFR), Analytics for Sustainaible Forest Value Chains. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. 19-22nd August 2013.


Borges, J.G.N., Palma, J.H., Garcia-Gonzalo (2013): Addressing Forest Management Planning Processes with Advanced Decision Support Tools: The Portuguese Experience.

Presented in VII Young Researchers Meeting on Conservation And Sustainable Use of Forest Systems CENEAM, Valsaín (Spain). 30-31 January & 1 February. 2013.      


Kavaliauskas M. et al. (2013): Factors influencing the development of forested landscape in project INTEGRAL Žemaitija case study area.

Presented at: The Nordic-Baltic Co-operation group for Forest Inventory, EFINORD-SNS network meeting and scientific conference. Kaunas reg. Lithuania, 21-23 August, 2013.


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COTE cluster of excellence, Research workshop: "les scénarios ont-ils la côte ?". Talence, France. 16.05.2013.


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Kristianstad Vattendagar. Kristianstad, Sweden. 2013-05-20.


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Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre Excursion. Halmstad, Sweden. 2013-06-18.


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International Conference: Conservation and Management of Forests for Sustainable Development: Where science meets policy. Organized by the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in cooperation with Inverde, EFI, University of Gent, University of Antwerpen, Metaforum Leuven, FWO Flanders, CLIMOS, European Commission. 24. November 2011 Leuven/Belgium.




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Joensuu Forest Networking Week. 27-31 May 2013.


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