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     INTEGRAL Partners,  Cross-Project Meeting in Dublin 2014  INTEGRAL Consortium   The INTEGRAL consortium consists of 21 partners from 13 countries. Due to the inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary nature of the project, the team involves experts with different disciplinary backgrounds and research interests inter alia...

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19-21.03.2014 - INTEGRAL Cross-Project Meeting in Dublin (Ireland) 


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15.10.2013 - Stakeholder workshop: “Forest policy in Europe: Implementing a Vision of Sustainable and Multifunctional Forestry through Integrated Forest Management”


Stakeholder views on the INTEGRAL results are particularly important and have to be taken into consideration during the implementation of the project. In order to gather feedback, INTEGRAL invited representatives of the European Commission, research organizations, forest-related interest groups and environmental NGOs to a workshop on forest policy in Europe on 15 October. More than 20 participants discussed the new EU Forest Strategy (adopted on 20 September 2013) and the proposed Legally Binding Agreement on forests in Europe. Valuable inputs were given on how the research findings of INTEGRAL could best support these policy developments. Most of the workshop participants agreed that the expected results in INTEGRAL could be well used for exploring future challenges and opportunities of managing forested landscapes in Europe and for making transparent existing trade-offs of diverse eco-system services.



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27 September, 2013 - Presentation of INTEGRAL research findings to the Standing Forestry Committee (SFC)

The Standing Forestry Committee is composed of delegates from the EU member states. It plays a central role in the development of specific forestry measures in the framework of various community policies. On 27 September Ola Eriksson, Project Coordinator, and Metodi Sotirov, Scientific Coordinator, had the opportunity to present the INTEGRAL project to the SFC. Following the presentation the SFC stressed the importance of the case study and foresight research in INTEGRAL and discussed in particular the possible policy implications from the project results.


Third cross-project meeting of INTEGRAL in Zvolen / Slovakia (June 2013)

 On 12-13 June the researchers in INTEGRAL participated at the third cross-project meeting which was organized this time in Zvolen (Slovakia) at the premises of the Technical University of Zvolen. One of the main objectives of the meeting was to discuss the cross case synthesis report based on the results of 20 case studies in 10 European countries and on the results of two EU-level studies. The case study research (May 2012 – April 2013) comprised an analysis in order to identify socioeconomic and policy developments which influence forest management at the landscape level in Europe. In addition, management aspects of European forested landscapes were analyzed using decision supports systems and ecological modeling.

Another point on the meeting agenda was the discussion on how to develop future scenarios for forest management in the case study areas. Among others the researchers shared their experiences on conducting participatory workshops with local and regional stakeholders. The involved experts and practitioners gave their options on possible future developments which could affect the management practice of forested landscapes and thus, contributed to the scenario development process. Finally, the researchers discussed the contents of the first policy brief which aims at supporting decision making processes related to forest management.



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28.01.-01.02.2013 Cross-Project Meeting in Salzburg


15 month after the project start, the second meeting of the INTEGRAL project was held  from the 28th  of January until the 1st of February 2013 in Salzburg / Austria. More than 60 scientists discussed the upcoming activities in INTEGRAL, focusing on the development of country-specific scenarios. These shall contribute to improved use and conservation of forested landscapes in Europe. In addition, the project partners presented the preliminary results of 20 case studies, dealing with the analysis of socio-ecological drivers of changes in integrated forest-land use in selected European areas. 


application pdf   Cross-Project Meeting in Salzburg - Press Release


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16-18.04.2012  First cross-project meeting of INTEGRAL


The first cross-project meeting of the INTEGRAL project was organized in Freiburg / Germany from the 16th until the 18th of April 2012. It served as a discussion platform for more than 40 scientists representing forest management, as well as forest policy sciences and economics from 18 organizations and 14 European countries.

At the cross-project meeting in Freiburg the partners discussed the methodological framework for forest Decision Support System research (Work Package 2.1) and forest policy and socioeconomic analyses (Work Package 3.1). The research design will be applied in order to improve integrated forest management in different parts of Europe in a total of 20 landscape case studies in 10 European countries.



application pdf   INTEGRAL First cross-project meeting - Press Release


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14-15.11.2011 INTEGRAL Kick-off Meeting


The kick-off meeting of INTEGRAL was organized in Uppsala / Sweden on the 14th and 15th of November 2011. More than 35 researchers from 20 partner organizations participated on the three-day-meeting at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and discussed the detailed project design and the way of implementation.

The INTEGRAL project will address deficiencies in current processes of formulation and implementation of forest land-use policies and associated practices. The main goal of the project is to propose recommendations for new coherent policy instruments and management strategies as well as decision support tools.

At the first project meeting, particular attention was given to the framework for diagnostic analysis of the key social, ecological and technical factors and the description of the bio/geo/physical characteristics in the 20 case study areas in Europe.



application pdf Kick-off Meeting Press Reselase


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