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Wageningen University (WU), Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group (FNP), Netherlands













Wageningen University


The Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group (FNP) is a social science group within the Environmental Sciences Group (ESG) of Wageningen University (Netherlands).

The FNP group contributes to scientific and societal debates about the relationship between forest, nature and society. Particular interest is taken in

(1) governance and institutions,

(2) knowledge and expertise

(3) people and places, and

(4) resource management.


Inter-linkages with other topics (e.g. climate change and water issues) are taken on board, when deemed relevant, implying an interest in cross-sectional themes (forest+ and nature+). FNP research covers different localities (developed, transition, developing countries) and different scales (local, national, global).

The FNP group is involved in the INTEGRAL project in work packages 2, 3 (leading work package 3.3) and 4. One case study will be carried out, i.e. the South-East Veluwe. This is a forest and nature area of about 8000 ha in the centre of the Netherlands. For the decision support system, we will make use of the LandClim model, developed by Schumacher et al of the ETH in Zürich. This a spatially explicit stochastic landscape model designed to study forest dynamics.