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     INTEGRAL Partners,  Cross-Project Meeting in Dublin 2014  INTEGRAL Consortium   The INTEGRAL consortium consists of 21 partners from 13 countries. Due to the inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary nature of the project, the team involves experts with different disciplinary backgrounds and research interests inter alia...

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University of FreiburgChair of Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg (Germany)












Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg





The Institute of Forest and Environmental Policy is a part of the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences at the University of Freiburg.


 The main research objective of the IFP is to generate sound knowledge of relevant environmental and forest-related problems, as well as to develop innovative and applicable policy approaches and solutions for them. Its three departments contribute to the project:


(a) Forest and Environmental Policy,

(b) Environmental Governance, and

(c) Forest History.

Further, IFP focuses on the multilevel analysis of environmental and forest policy-related issues in regional, national, supranational and international contexts.

The IFP is the Scientific Coordinator with responsibilities concerning the inter- and trans-disciplinary coordination as well as communication. Therefore, it takes part in all work packages of the project. Policy analysis and foresight for integrated forest management (WP 3) is led by the IFP.

Contact person: Dr. Metodi Sotirovis a postdoctoral researcher at the IFP. He mainly analyses the policy-making and governance processes for sustainable management and conservation of forest resources at national and European levels.