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     INTEGRAL Partners,  Cross-Project Meeting in Dublin 2014  INTEGRAL Consortium   The INTEGRAL consortium consists of 21 partners from 13 countries. Due to the inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary nature of the project, the team involves experts with different disciplinary backgrounds and research interests inter alia...

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Technical University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA), Portugal














Technical University of Lisbon, Instituto Superior de Agronomia (ISA)


The Instituto Superior de Agronomia of the Technical University of Lisbon is the largest and most qualified school of graduate and post-graduate degrees in the Agricultural Sciences in Portugal. Within the project is especially involved:


  • The Forestry Research Centre , which combines research on the functioning of the main forest ecosystems in Portugal. The centre performs fundamental and methodological research of a broad variety of scientific aspects, such as climate change, sustainable development of forest ecosystems, bioenergy, and final products use optimization.


ISA contributes mainly to decision support systems for integrated forest management (WP 2) and to policy analysis and foresight for integrated forest management (WP 3). Thus, it will take the lead on scenario expression on landscape level (WP 2.2). The activities include participatory and explorative scenario development processes for integrated forest management in order to illustrate the different scenarios under various management regimes.