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Swedish University of Agricultural  Sciences (SLU), Sweden













Prof. Ljusk Ola Eriksson


Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences


SLU, Skogsmarksgränd

SE-901 83 UMEÅ

+46 90 786 83 78






The overall mission of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is the pursuit of knowledge of biological natural resources and their sustainable utilization. The following major research groups are involved within the project:


(a) The Forest Management Planning Group, which conducts research on long-term, multi-resource management of forest landscapes with a methodological basis in mathematical programming and multiple criteria analysis,

(b) The Forest Policy Research Group, which focuses on ‘multilayered’ and ‘multi-actor’ forest governance based on social and political science theory, and

(c) The Forest Socio-Economic Planning Group, which specialized in international comparative analyses within the interface between forest policy, markets and planning as well as landscape effects of socio-economic conditions.


SLU is the project coordinator as well as official representative of the project consortium. Therefore, one of their main responsibilities includes the project coordination and management (WP 1). Further tasks are the overall lead on decision support systems for integrated management (WP 2) and specifically on evaluating policy instruments on landscape level (WP 2.3).